It’s Personal – Development Your Way

Many of us desire to improve the world around us.  That idea, however, is often overwhelming.  Where do you start?  Will your efforts make a difference?  Do I have the energy to take on more in my life?  Big questions to ponder.  And all too often we can ponder our way into inaction.  Life moves on without us even realizing it. 

I believe that the first step to improving the world is for each individual to work on themselves.  A focus on making yourself better so that you may then help others.  All improvement is a journey that includes education, action, and reflection in an ever-evolving cycle.  Below is a common visual used to show how you impact change.  It all starts with YOU. 

Behind your actions is your why. 

Why do you want the world around you to change?  Why is it important to you?

Your “why” will drive what you focus on and how you go about it.  So take a minute and think about it.  Write it down even.

Why do you want the world around you to change? 

Now keep this in mind as you take the first step which is to educate yourself in some way.  Education comes in many forms, some formal (like a class or webinar) and some informal (like reading, having a dialogue, listening to a podcast).  There are endless possibilities.  If you engage in just one instance of education, my friend you are developing yourself.  Congratulations!  I’m so proud of you! You deserve to learn and grow so that you can make your life, and the world around you, a better place.

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