The Crucial Role of Assessments in Leadership Development

To develop exceptional leaders, organizations and individuals rely on a variety of strategies and tools, and one of the most valuable among them is assessments.  The purpose of assessments is to help individuals:

  • Build self-awareness around their leadership and communication style
  • Identify their strengths and weaknesses
  • Personalize their development plans, and 
  • Measure the progress of their development efforts.

Assessments offer quantifiable data that shows how an individual has evolved as a leader over time. This data can motivate leaders to stay committed to their development journey.

As leaders rise in their career, their development needs will evolve.  During their early career they may need to work on communication and conflict resolution.  Later in their career, their needs may shift to improve decision-making or leading high-performing teams.  Taking assessments regularly throughout their career helps leaders and their organizations ensure continuous development and elevated performance.

So how do you know which assessments to take?  There are so many!  Stay tuned because we will share our favorites with you on November 20th.

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