Meet Our Coaches

Meet Lacey

Lacey is the founder and CEO of Talent Uplifted. She’s also a Certified Coach with a commitment to supporting leaders and organizations who create impactful and transformational results through engaging coaching programs, workshop facilitation, and keynote presentations. Lacey truly believes that when you thrive at work, you will thrive in life.

In 2020, she leveraged her 15 years of corporate experience in leadership development and HR to launch Talent Uplifted, a leadership and performance coaching business. Lacey’s energy, charisma, and passion for coaching allows her to spark meaningful connection and challenge her clients to achieve their greatest goals.

Lacey loves to learn and continues to discover knew knowledge, frameworks, processes, and behaviors that will serve her clients.  She is adventurous at heart, likes to be fit and active, enjoys science fiction and fantasy way more than she likes to admit, and travels as often as life permits.  She would like to thank her husband and son for their support and encourages you to remember that behind every small business is a Family. 

Credentials and Education:

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coaching Federation
  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC), iPEC Coaching
  • COR.E Dynamics Leadership Specialist, iPEC Coaching
  • Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, iPEC Coaching
  • Senior Professional in Human Resources, HR Certification Institute
  • MBA from Illinois State University
  • Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Bradley University
  • Certificate of Nonprofit Management from Duke University
  • Certified facilitator for Fierce, Inc

Meet Susan

Susan Sotnick is an ICF certified Professional Development Coach with a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and a focus in Talent Development. She brings 17+ years of experience in human services and non-profit management as a mentor, coach, instructor, and facilitator. Susan partners with clients to develop and leverage executive presence so they can increase their visibility and expand their impact.

One of Susan’s coaching specialties is helping clients to eliminate symptoms of imposter syndrome. This is a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their skills, talents, accomplishments, and experiences and feels a persistent fear of being exposed as a fraud despite evidence of past success. She does this by coaching clients to expand their leadership presence so they can show up authentically and confidently to strategically accomplish their career goals. She helps clients to develop leadership presence by recognizing the value they bring to their organization. Susan guides clients through an investigation of their strengths, values, experiences, and skills and helps them use that knowledge to bolster their confidence, tap into their true potential and become an optimal, human-centric leader.

Susan loves to travel with her husband and two teenage boys and enjoys exercising outdoors as much as the Chicago weather allows. She is also a certified American Sign Language interpreter and most enjoys interpreting theater. She has interpreted over 50 theatrical productions around the Chicagoland area over the last 15 years!

Credentials and Education:

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coaching Federation
  • M.A. Training and Development-Lewis University
  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC) IPEC Coaching
  • Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) IPEC Coaching
  • B.A. ASL/English Interpretation-Columbia College, Chicago
  • B.A. Acting/Directing-Towson University
  • Positive Intelligence Coach