Performance Coaching

It’s Time to Achieve Next Level Performance

You’ve worked so hard to reach this point in your career. But the strategies and tactics that got you here are no longer working. All signs point to the fact that you are doing a good job, but not good enough for a promotion or decent pay increase. You are feeling stuck and frustrated. You know you are capable of more and you are looking for someone to partner with you and help you soar to the next level. You are looking for 1×1 Coaching with a certified Coach who will help you achieve results, get noticed, and prepare for the NEXT LEVEL.

What You Can Expect

At Talent Uplifted, we believe deeply that you are one whole person living a vibrant life that includes your career and more. Our coaches will help you draw a clear picture of where you are currently and develop a values-based vision for who you are becoming. Coaching is, after all, a forward-focused experience.

Keeping in mind WHO you are becoming, we will help you develop the beliefs, mindsets, and behaviors that will support your journey in becoming that person. You will experience the results that come from your coach asking you powerful, thoughtful, and open-ended questions. Your coach will help you reveal the knowledge and skills you have within and support you as you sharpen, strengthen, and expand them.

Your Investment

Coaching is an immersive and experiential professional development option that requires an investment of your time, effort, and financial resources. Over six months, you will develop a combination of beliefs, mindsets, behaviors, and skills designed specifically to help you accelerate your results and reach next level performance.

Coaching is a journey with insights, improvements, & results happening over time.

Your experience (and your results) depends on the work you put in before, during, and after your coaching session.

We prefer to be transparent about your financial investment. You will pay $3,000 for a six-month development experience.