Power & Confidence in Leadership Program

Stop Surviving and Start Thriving!

Claim Your Power and Decide for Yourself How to Lead on Purpose.

You’ve spent the last few years surviving immense change as global, political, social and organizational factors disrupted every aspect of your daily life. Keeping afloat was the name of the game, and we want to congratulate you getting through it to the best of your ability. Now you are ready to stop surviving and start thriving!

Power & Confidence in Leadership is an immersive and intensive coaching program designed for you to:

Get Clear: Visualize the next best version of yourself.

Get Connected: Enhance and optimize your development through the power of peer-to-peer advice, support, and expertise.

Stop Surviving: Leverage your ability to adapt in times of change so you can thrive while overcoming challenges.

Be Authentic: Define your personal brand. 

Own Your Approach: Identify your values and intentions to create your own distinctive leadership style.

Conquer Imposter Syndrome: Develop executive presence and boost your confidence.

Get Results: Build relationships to create deeper connections and effective partnerships.

Tap into Your Potential: Recognize what drives you in order to create intrinsic motivation and momentum.

Make an Impact: Create a strategic roadmap to achieve your goals.

Be Decisive: Learn to prioritize what’s important, minimize distractions, and take intentional action.

Celebrate Progress: Reflect on your current state of awareness and the conscious choices you have made throughout the year. 

Holy Shift!  Sustain the momentum by sharing your progress with your peers and landing on next steps for 2024!

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What You Can Expect

At Talent Uplifted, we believe deeply that you are one whole person living a vibrant life that includes your career and more. Our coaches will help you draw a clear picture of where you are currently and develop a values-based vision for who you are becoming. Coaching is, after all, a forward-focused experience.

You will experience both group coaching and individual 1×1 coaching with certified coaches. Each month you will benefit from an interactive group coaching session with other leaders as well as an immersive 1×1 coaching session with just you and your coach.

Your Investment

Power & Confidence in Leadership is an immersive and experiential professional development option that requires an investment of your time, effort, and financial resources. Throughout the program, you will develop a combination of beliefs, mindsets, behaviors, and skills designed specifically to help you redefine the next version of yourself as a leader.

Coaching is a journey with insights, improvements, & results happening over time.

Your experience (and your results) depends on the work you put in before, during, and after your coaching session.

You will pay $375 per month for 12 months.

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