Power & Confidence in Leadership

Step into the Next Version of Yourself as a Leader!

You’ve spent the last few years surviving immense change as global, political, social and organizational factors disrupted every aspect of your daily life. Keeping afloat was the name of the game, and we want to congratulate you getting through it to the best of your ability. You’re ready, though, to stop surviving and start thriving!

Power & Confidence in Leadership is an immersive and intensive coaching program designed for you – an experienced leader turned pioneer in today’s organizational landscape. You are ready to evolve. You want to create self-awareness and make internal shifts in your thinking. You know you can build confidence and harness your power to become the next version of yourself as a leader. The version that THRIVES and makes an impact.

What You Can Expect

At Talent Uplifted, we believe deeply that you are one whole person living a vibrant life that includes your career and more. Our coaches will help you draw a clear picture of where you are currently and develop a values-based vision for who you are becoming. Coaching is, after all, a forward-focused experience.

Keeping in mind WHO you are becoming, we will help you develop the beliefs, mindsets, and behaviors that will support your journey in becoming that person. You will experience the results that come from your coach asking you powerful, thoughtful, and open-ended questions. Your coach will help you reveal the knowledge and skills you have within and support you as you sharpen, strengthen, and expand them.

You will experience both group coaching and individual 1×1 coaching with certified coaches. Over 20 weeks, you will rotate through interactive onboarding and relationship building with the group, sixteen coaching sessions (including eight group coaching sessions and eight 1×1 sessions), and a capstone experience.

During group coaching, you will partner with other leaders to investigate how sweeping changes in organizational leadership have required us to change our paradigm and how we think about ourselves as leaders.

In addition, you will meet individually with your coach to dig deep and drive toward transformational change. You can expect to integrate your learnings from the group coaching sessions during these conversations. You will set action plans and create accountability to drive results.

Your Investment

Power & Confidence in Leadership is an immersive and experiential professional development option that requires an investment of your time, effort, and financial resources. Throughout the program, you will develop a combination of beliefs, mindsets, behaviors, and skills designed specifically to help you redefine the next version of yourself as a leader.

Coaching is a journey with insights, improvements, & results happening over time.

Your experience (and your results) depends on the work you put in before, during, and after your coaching session.

We prefer to be transparent about your financial investment. You will pay $3,500 per participant for this program.

Got Questions? Here are some options:

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2) Schedule a call with a coach.