Soar Coaching

$599 Kickstarter Fee today, then $999 per month after 30 days

Combine 1×1 coaching, group coaching, and training to experience the ultimate impact for your growth and development.


Combine the power of coaching with skill development of training to succeed at work and in life.  Soar Coaching clients experience one-60 minute Coaching Session each month, one-60 minute Momentum Builder Group Coaching Session each month, a two-hour Thrive Skills workshop, and access to the Talent Uplifted App.

Your Kickstarter Experience gives you an extra boost right from the beginning!  You will journey through onboarding, become familiar with the Talent Uplifted app, take your Energy Leadership Index Assessment, and meet your Coach during one-hour assessment debrief.  All of this happens in your first 30 days!  After that, you will engage with your coaching and training opportunities as outlined above.

The Kickstarter Experience is a one-time fee of $599, which you pay at the time of enrollment.


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