Speaker Inquiry

Yes – I’m interested in booking Lacey MacLeod for my event!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lacey present virtually or in-person?

Lacey will present in either a virtual environment or at in-person at events.

What are her booking fees?

Lacey’s fees are dependent on the type and size of event. If travel is required, all travel will be arranged by Talent Uplifted and paid for by the sponsoring organization.

Does Lacey customize her presentations/workshops?

Yes – that is her preference! While she does have standard presentations, it is important that all messages meet the needs of the audience and the event. She will request to work with the sponsor on targeting the message so that it makes the best impact possible. In addition, she will create custom presentations upon request.

What is Lacey’s presentation style?

Your audience can expect an engaging and interactive experience. Lacey incorporates movement, activities, and participation into her presentations. Her energy, charisma, and passion allow her to spark meaningful connection with those in the room. She does use visual aids, and is very comfortable with a variety of technologies.